All we need is power and space to play in!

When you book U-Turn you don’t need to worry hiring any additional equipment. We’ll just need a dry space to play in with enough power points for our equipment. Access to the venue will be required two hours in advance minimum.

U-Turn’s equipment inventory includes:

  • Instruments
  • Amplifiers
  • PA
  • Lighting
  • Stage props
  • Smoke machine

So, you won’t need to supply anything apart from a suitable area to play and access to power via plug sockets. The area must be dry and protected against the elements.

FOH Speakers / stands

Front of House (FOH) Speakers are the main speakers used in our PA system. Our speakers are suitable for small to medium sized venues. We have access to larger ones if required.

We have suitable stands for securing and positioning our FOH speakers either side of the stage / playing area. A level stable area is required for the stands.

Monitor / Foldback Speakers

We use monitors / foldback speakers to enable us to hear what we are playing on stage. They are quite small and sit in front of and facing the band and sometimes next to the drummer.

Microphones / stands

We have vocal microphones for the PA and suitable stands. At larger gigs we often mic up the bass drum and guitars to balance the sound out through the PA.

Smoke machine / Fog machine

Our smoke / fog machine adds a bit of fun to the performance and also enhances the lighting. It’s great for creating an atmosphere, enhancing our lighting, adding beautiful haze and glare effects. It’s great for Halloween parties!


We will be adding spotlights to our equipment list soon but in the meantime are able to loan them if required.

Par Cans and Floor Cans

We have Par Cans and Floor Cans if required – these are the most common lights used at gigs and are fixed in position providing a wash of coloured light to brighten up the stage. LED Par Cans have slowly replaced the standard halogen Par Cans, they are far superior since you can change colours at the flick of a switch and they have a lower power consumption and don’t suffer from getting incredibly hot.

Lasers and effects lights

Our laser and strobe lights offer a more dramatic colouring and work well with the smoke machine. They all use low power but are nice and bright.


We have our U-Turn sign and are currently building some additional U-Turn stage items such as a backdrop, an American traffic light and an LED Dobro guitar. Let us know if you have any ideas!