Who are U-Turn?

We are U-Turn band from the United. There are a few U-Turns in the world – one based in the Philippines, one in the USA and one in Holland. Get in touch if you are a member of one of them, we’d love to hear from you!

Find out more about the U-Turn band members and what they get up to.

Neil Rigby
Lead Guitar / Vocals

Co-Founder of U-Turn. Plays lead guitar on a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe and rocked out with the Queen (Private Secretary: please use Facebook for any Honours enquries). Gave up his childhood dream of becoming CEO at Google to form U-Turn – that's serious commitment!

Chris Bampton
Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

Co-Founder of U-Turn. Vocals and rhythm guitar on a Fender Jazzmaster guitar. Once auditioned with Neil Morrissey for a children's song he was working on. No joy but got some free colourful workwear for his efforts.

Pete Billing

Regular with U-Turn and provider of "something a bit funky" on his Fender bass! Please note before booking: Pete's spectacular mode of transport to gigs "The Mothership" has had to be retired due to emissions, rising fuel costs and cost of gigging crisis. However, it has been substituted for a Volvo estate to retain some sense of theatre.

Rob Smith
Bass / Blues Harp / Vocals / Guitar

Rob's blues harp brings us some sweet sounds with additional songs, guitar and bass. Always on hand for that last minute technical hitch! During the Jubilee, Rob perfected using his harp on a long lead for quick crowd dispersal. Please bear that in mind if your booking contains a crowd control element.

Pete Roberts

Powerful beats and driving rhythms are Pete's speciality on his Sonor kit. Often described in the press, including the Birmingham Mail, as being "like some new romantic looking for the TV sound", we think Pete's found it!

Dan Evans
Percussion / Backing Vocals

Dan brings his funky percussion and backing vocals to the party. Joined in 2021 having run out of excuses not to join! Regular with latin band Salsadelic and founder of Evans 17 80s electronic tribute band. You may give in to the temptation to check them out!

Tim Veysey-Smith
Vocals/Blues Harp

Vocalist and occasional reluctant guitarist! Plays blues harp for most of our blues numbers. Being what is best describe as a "true nature's child" but less hirsute, he's simply Bald to be Wild! Please note: Any foot, ankle or leg pains developed by dancers at our gigs are swiftly dealt with by Tim – complementary of course!.

Stevie "Ray" Large

Stevie finally realised his childhood dream of becoming a member of U-Turn! After shaking off the initial excitement, he composed himself to bring us some sweet and mellow guitar licks and rhythms. Did you know Stevie's the founder of S Large 7 tribute band? ...you didn't did you?!!!

Paul Annis

Another regular @TheGun, Paul stood in for our first gig in 2022 at The Bedford. Paul brings power and rhythm to U-Turn and slots in perfectly as he's played with Pete B a lot. Always plays with a smile and likes an occasional Jagermeister! ...no connection as far as we know!

Del Johnson

Del likes keeping it simple and steady on his lovely Gretsch kit! He first started playing drums so he could punctuate his joke punch lines with a "badum tish".

Chris Hinton

Bass guitar and bass ukulele specialist laying down a rich steady beat. Epiphone bass and a double bass for Rockabilly or jazzy vibe.

Neil Rigby (Lead Guitar)

Chris Bampton (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar)

Tim Veysey-Smith (Vocals / Blues Harp)

Pete Billing (Bass)

Pete Roberts (Drums)

Del Johnson (Drums)

Chris Hinton (Bass)

Special Guests…

Van Greg (Guitar)

Rob Smith (Guitar / Blues Harp)

Liz Luck (Backing Vocals)